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Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing – PC game

August 20, 2013

Think diablo 3, but with a good story, and for some reason, MUCH better flow. Granted there is only 1 character play type, however, Van Helsings guns and swords and magic playstyle is MUCH more fun than ANY of the classes in Diablo 3.

Don’t even get me started on what a clusterphuck that game was, but Van Helsing completely restores my faith in ARPG’s. I think the reason the flow is so much better is because the targetting actually works. In Diablo 3, there were always problems with targetting. Very frustrating when you count on precision and you own an expensive gaming mouse and keyboard and everything SHOULD work perfectly, but the targetting lets you down over and over.

The game just feels like it has depth. Like it is a game from long ago, but with updated graphics. No the graphics aren’t top notch and no it’s not the greatest game ever, BUT it’s a great game. I really enjoy it, and I needed a little distraction to help me be more productive… more on that later.

Finally finished it, with the last boss being pretty fun. The game only has 2 real acts, and one playable character, and you have choice between swords, guns, or magic. BUT, the one thing that made the game just feel SO MUCH BETTER than Diablo 3, was that it just felt deep. Deeply immersed in a deep world where there is so much more to explore than the developers were able to come up with. I know this comes off as an “I hate Diablo 3 rant” and for all intents and purposes it is, because it was shown up by a 15 dollar quick buy off of steam. Come on Blizzard, you used to be just amazing, and I still believe you are with Starcraft 2.



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